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Genesis Ridge Estate -Juja Farm

Juja farm has become a fast-growing town within the Nairobi metropolitan, and this has
been made possible by the expansion and modernization of the Juja farm roads.
Say you do not want to live in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the city
but still want to access the city fast, Juja farm becomes an ideal place for
you to invest in land. It’s situated at an arm’s length of the city, the town is at
great location to build your dream home with its quiet environs.

It’s quite atmosphere is not the only plus to this town as it also has water,
electricity and great schools available. It also has close proximity of service
amenities such as; government offices, banks, hospitals and malls just to name
a few.

Juja farm is an all-round town, you do not have to desire a home for you to be able to
invest in this place. Farming is also another booming investment in Juja farm. Its
fertile soil can accommodate for growing various crops such as; maize, potatoes,
mushrooms and more.

Written by:

Peris V Wahome

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