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Land search at the ministry of land

The first step is to do a search at the ministry of land. With the advent of technology, you no longer have to go to their offices, you can simply do this in the comfort of your house or your office using the e-citizen platform.
All you need to is the system valid title number and an active e-citizen account.

v  Start by logging into your e-citizen account or sign up for an account

v   From the dashboard, click on “Ministry of land, Housing, and Urban development”

v  Click on Land search options

v  On the new window, key in the title number and complete the online land search form

v  Confirm your details and pay for the service using M-Pesa. 

v  Confirm payment and print the result


A land search should help ascertain whether the title has been charged or has a caveat (in cases it has been used to secure a loan).

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